Non-LL Grids

For those of you who are familiar with the non-LL grids based on the OpenSim and realXtend server platforms, I can also be found at:



But don’t expect me to look quite the same as I do in SL yet! It’s a work in progress still, I’m afraid. (Second Inventory? Subject for another post…?)

Check out the exciting new metaverse. It’s pretty much in alpha at the moment, but very soon some grids will be production quality. You should have seen them a year ago! LL watch out, it will be better than SL. OpenLife is already looking useable but there is some doubt about its compatibility with OpenSim in future.

More info about me

This blog is largely intended just as a way of putting more text on my SL profile, because I am never sufficiently succinct and need more space. But I might put posts here occasionally if I find the time.

Thanks for looking at my lovely new blog!