The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

I’ve been noticing something lately about time in SL. There have been periods of time when I’ve been too busy or too distracted in RL to spend much time in SL. (Friends should be assured that I always come back.) It’s as though SL time has been on hold but, when I return, I feel guilty for having neglected my friends so much because so much SL time has passed, even though very little has in RL.

Equally, if I spend a lot of time in SL over a weekend, in just a few days I can feel like months of SL time has passed.

Anyone remember how, when the children return to Narnia – minus Susan who has fallen to the vices of tights and lipstick! – hundreds of years have passed and their kingdom is all changed?

Maybe I should have entitled this post “time in Elfland”, on reflection.

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