Sorry, unlikely readers! I’ve been in absentia for a while. (I say “unlikely” because I don’t reckon many people read this blog… yet?) I’m still here in SL, of course, but I’ve not been blogging. So, what’s new?

My life in OSGrid (and latterly Grid4Us) pretty much came to an end when my build was deleted. Owing to the fact that much of it was built out of no transfer parts, I was unable to back it up. The bad faith of the person who provided the server resulted in the breaking down of a hitherto pleasant relationship. I was convinced to take part in a project but was given no direction whatsoever in my part in it despite numerous queries and attempts to co-operate with the other partners involved. There isn’t any obligation upon me to keep the confidence of the parties involved, but unless they give me a reason otherwise, I’ve decided to do so. I don’t think their haphazard organisational methods will succeed anyway. So this was all a great disappointment that has largely led to me abandoning OSGrid and hence the OpenSim metaverse for now.

But I retain an interest in OpenSim grids. It’s a catch 22 because ordinary users need to go to such grids before the content and society is considerable enough to have a decent life there, but at present it’s very spartan precisely because this hasn’t happened. But why stay in SL? It’s a closed world and you have no control. LL rule it like a feudal fiefdom and can at any time change the rules of the economy so your business fails, as they have often done. I particularly dislike the way that they tax imports with a protectionist 10L$ tariff, manipulating land prices and now meddling with GLP 3rd party viewers. Try as they might, they always end up being moral arbiters though they protest the opposite.

I think it’s time to say thanks for the product, LL, but the metaverse has outgrown them and needs to become more like the web, decentralised on a metaverse of independent servers. This is already possible. The only question is how the economy will work and how the migration of content, communities, groups and so on will happen. Herein lies the cause of the current malaise in OpenSim grids. More people are coming, especially to OSgrid, but very slowly. The servers are unstable, more geared for developing the technology than for ordinary users. Content isn’t altogether safe on the asset servers, which are flaky, and very often you crash and get stuck with everybody in LBSA Plaza. It may be quite sociable for everyone in OSGrid to occasionally get chucked together like this, but it’s also frustrating. You can’t build a stable, growing world like this. Somebody needs to step up to the plate and provide more stable asset servers and sims. It doesn’t look like OpenLife have succeeded in this either.

Well, that’s about it. Sorry that my life in the metaverse hasn’t been more interesting of late…

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  1. Ziah Zhangsun & Ziah Li

     /  November 5, 2009

    I’m said to hear that, but i can understand you beeing upset after what you’ve experienced at OSGrid. I’m still enthusiastic for OpenSimulator and also OSGrid.

    Please read this post, because it explains very good what and Open Grid like OSGrid is and what not, and why it’s still a beautiful place.


    I hope you may still visit OSGrid once in a while to see the progress that is made eventually.



    • Starflower Bracken

       /  November 7, 2009

      By the way, I’m really impressed that you have made an African skin available in OSGrid based on Eloh Eliot’s GPL skins. They just aren’t easy enough to get hold of. I’d like to see more avs of all colours! Will you make the textures publicly available? And the PSDs? Doesn’t Eloh’s GPL licence require this? Thanks.

      • Ziah Li

         /  November 12, 2009

        Hi Sunflower,

        i finally received you’re IM on the OSGrid Website. I now have created a boxed Version which also includes the Textures for the skins, a notecard explaining that there are based on Eloh’s Templates including a link to Eloh’s Website where the Templates can be found and also a copy of the BDS License. The Box is available at my Region Ziahnia. I’m not sure if i have to make the PSD’s available under the BSD License. It’s not that i did not want to make them available, but i don’t have any website or something to publish them. Also, i really did not to much modifications to the original Templates, just played around with the colors a bit.



  2. Starflower Bracken

     /  November 7, 2009


    Thanks for your kind reply.

    My experience has been bad, but to be fair that is nothing to do with OpenSim or any grid running its server software, except in so far as I had no contract with the person concerned and therefore no way to protect my build. That’s really a lesson for me to learn, and I can’t blame OSGrid for it.

    I do realise that OpenSim is not a grid and thus not a direct competitor to SL, which is why I refer to “OpenSim grids” instead as a collective group of worlds running this software. They aren’t all the same, although many are run as more or less free public grids. One can run OpenSim as a commercial grid too, of course, as well as for many other public or private purposes.

    I feel that none of these public grids currently offer sufficient stability, even OpenLife (which is something of a “walled garden” like SL, and rather different to the others). The bulk of metaverse society has not yet moved over from SL to these grids, despite the possibilities opened up by the Hypergrid technology to create a dispersed, web-like metaverse. This also means that the quality and diversity of content in the open source metaverse is not yet as good as in SL.

    This is a hard circle to break, although I do appreciate the hard work that is being done, and that progress is being made.

    My point is simple, then: how will the bulk of ordinary users be convinced to move across? Their communities and society will have to move across, which means content, groups, sims, activities and economy. At present, all of these things remain too fragmented.

    I agree with you that the open source metaverse is a great advance. Right now, my place in it has temporarily disappeared. But I watch it with interest and wait for my opportunity to come back. Please don’t get the idea that I’ve given up on it. In the end, I believe that “walled gardens” like SL and OpenLife will have to open up, so that the 3D metaverse will be distributed across different providers.

    For this to happen, I suspect that a new economic settlement will have to be worked out, which is to say an agreed standard that works across grids. There are still issues with IPR as well. I’m not sure how all this will play out.

    Thanks again,



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