Back in the metaverse

Nothing very deep to say at present except that I’m back in the metaverse, which is to say OSGrid and Grid4Us. So far I’ve noticed that the stability of my inventory in OSGrid is still as poor as it ever was, although as yet I’ve seen no new corruption and loss of inventory. What I do have is tons of dead stuff from ages ago, and I’m never quite certain if the server is playing up today or whether the items really are gone forever: either can be true. (Sighs) I guess that OSGrid is only supposed to be a test environment and stability isn’t guaranteed.

That isn’t to say by any means that all of my inventory always appears, and for some reason I get better results connecting with Kirsten Lee’s S18 viewer, whereas Imprudence still has problems on a Mac: (1) it has the libndof crashing problem that has never been sorted out in some viewers, and (2) sometimes it has trouble loading the inventory, as does Emerald. This doesn’t happen in SL, where the inventory server seems fast and reliable these days, so I suspect the inventory loading time is the issue. I know this setting can be altered  in Emerald at least, although I understand from the Emerald documentation it is something to be rather cautious about changing.

Apart from being disconnected a few times from Grid4Us, so far it seems to be much more stable and lag free than I remember, and it looks like a grid where people are taking a pride in the content. The trouble with OSGrid is, although it’s where everyone is at, the sims and servers appear and disappear so frequently that it’s never worth building much, and the flaky inventory server – despite it’s much vaunted renewal of late – makes builders dispair every time they realise the textures and contents of their prims have vanished AGAIN and the items have gone missing from their inventories. So the choice is: do you go where everyone is, at the risk of your content, or do you go to the quiet, reliable grids?

Imprudence, when it doesn’t crash, does give you a bit more reliability with regard to assets. Providing that you make everything yourself and keep full permissions, you can back things up. Remember to do this with the avatar that made them: if you transfer it directly between avs (whether or not on the same grid or using hypergrid), you’ll no longer be marked as the creator and full perms will not help.

And finally I have a halfway decent appearance that bears some resemblance to me in SL, which is some reassurance. On the other hand, I still haven’t set up a server and don’t have any land.