The end of Emerald

Apparently, the Emerald viewer project is now dead. However, the post claims that 50% of all logins to SL use Emerald, a figure that I suspect was much higher before the launch of Linden’s Viewer 2.o.

Either there will be yet another twist and turn to this story, or else the way ahead looks bleak for SL, as I fear that many residents will simply quit rather than face the reduced functionality of Viewer 2.0 and the interference of Linden Lab. Despite the many faults of the Emerald team, notably their constant in-fighting, it is clear that Linden Lab wielded the knife this time by imposing demands that they already knew would cripple the Emerald project development team and spell its end. It surprises me that they did not simply ban the viewer for the earlier abuses such as the DDOS attack, which would have been rather less cloak-and-dagger and, I’m afraid to say, rather more honest. Nonetheless, Linden Lab clearly needed to act to regain control in a situation that was spiralling out of control. It was a necessary evil but, I fear, the damage is already done.

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