After Emerald: the Phoenix viewer

Jessica Lyon and LordGregGreg Back have assembled a new team to work on the successor to the Emerald viewer, which is called Phoenix and is already available for download. It is based on the Emerald 1.5.0 codebase.

Emerald is dead – or pretty much so, it seems. Let’s hope we have less drama and double-dealing with Phoenix.

Edit: since LordGregGreg Back has joined the Phoenix team, we must presume that Phoenix replaces his Emergence Viewer, although he has not yet updated his blog to state this explicitly (2010-09-06 12:30 UTC+1). It is slightly odd that the Emergence Viewer is now on the TPV list as well as Phoenix, since it is stated clearly that no updates or development will occur. Lord GregGreg Back is presumably not intending to make any further statement about this (2010-09-08 10:30 UTC +1).

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  1. Starflower Bracken

     /  September 6, 2010

    On the issue of trust, while it’s never possible to trust anyone absolutely on the Internet, Jessica, LordGregGreg and the team of developers are all residents in good standing with no known history of developing malicious code and no involvement in TPV breaches.

    Considering the stance that both Jessica and LordGregGreg have taken, it seems fair to me to regard them as the principal remaining “white hat” developers from the former Emerald team, as compared to the “grey hat” (or arguably “black hat”) developers who are known to have engaged in furtive collection of private data, DDOS and other attacks against opponents, and active development of viewers and other software intended to breach the TPV policy.

    While Arabella Steadham does not appear to have provided the full and honest truth at all times, and worse still has stood by Phox (Lonely Bluebird) even after his worst excesses, as far as I know there are no allegations that she has herself knowingly contributed to dishonest or underhand practices or development activity. Until I see evidence of such activity, it is only her judgement that I consider faulty, although personally I have little remaining confidence or trust in her on the basis of her own posts on the Modular Systems blog.

    In short, there seems every reason to trust the Phoenix team as much as any other developers of third party viewers, and the mistakes of the Emerald era have created a new impetus for openness and honesty in their future activities. If they can continue to live up to this, Phoenix seems safe enough to use.

  2. I’ve suddenly remembered: whatever happened to Qarl Linden, who joined the Emerald team as Qarl Fizz?

    Note that Vortex Saito is on the team, who was formerly Data Linden. See this discussion on the SL forums.


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