Ocean Grid

My small private grid, Ocean Grid, has recently been indexed by Metaverse Ink and TheHyperGates.com, so it is time to announce its existence publicly. The four island regions on one simulator (currently running on the newest OpenSim Release) are located in a square between 7000, 7000 and 7001, 7001 at Login URI http://oceangrid.net:8002/. It is reachable by hypergrid on the same URL. Public chat is relayed but visible only to administrators via a private channel using the IRCBridgeModule on IRC (#oceangrid on port 6667 or secure port 6697) and XMPP (*oceangrid on port 5222 or legacy SSL port 5223), as you are warned via the IRCBridgeAlert module when entering one of the regions; but this is currently under review. Other off-world channels on the chat server are public. (Techies note that this is using psyced as a PSYC interserver. This has replaced ngircd.)

Question: how public do you think public chat should be? Does this depend on the purpose and users of the grid? If so, how?

The grid has been running since March 2010, progressively upgraded from OpenSim version 0.6.7 to Although it’s not complete, my grid may be the only place in the metaverse outside Second Life ™ to boast a pub! Please let me know if there are any competitors to The Merry Maids Public House on the hypergrid, as I’d be interested to visit them. The pub is beside the harbour and contains a brewery, opposite a small harbour-side town and castle, and there are also some bridges and fortifications in various stages of repair and/or development. You’ll notice that all the place names are in Welsh, but they are explained in English in the descriptions.

Updated 2013-04-25, 2014-03-16