OpenSim and what’s left of Second Life

I recently went back into Second Life and discovered that it basically looks the same only smaller than it ever did. Regions have vanished and everything looks like 2010. People are maintaining a presence but it looks dead.

All the developments that you would have expected to have occurred in Second Life have happened in OpenSim. This is exactly the position that us staunch defenders of OpenSim wanted to see but, since we kind of gave up banging on about it, it’s happened anyway while our backs were turned.

Now there are new “closed garden” grids, clones of Linden Lab’s Second Life with the same commercial ideal that will work for some but not for many of the creative types that keep the 3D metaverse going.

Fortunately many of the loonies are long gone. OpenSim is now where it’s at, even though the graphics is dated. There are still improvements, developments and news stories. When was the last time you heard one about Second Life? Yeah, about 2007 probably. OpenSim carries on very much as Apache carries on. It’s not headline news but it’s established and always growing. If you want the 3D web, others come and go. OpenSim and its various grids remain.

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