Anybody look at this blog?

You may have noticed, if you are reading this, that this blog is visible on the Web tab in my profile in SL. It is visible on the web if you know the URL, of course, but it isn’t currently indexed and doesn’t (yet) appear in web searches.

The question is, does anybody read this? If not, then I may as well not bother to update it very often. Please also note my off-world IM contact details. (I don’t say RL contact details as such because they are in my SL name.)

If I get enthusiastic about this blog and have more to say, it will appear on the web and be searchable from there. For now, interested parties only, which is to say SL friends and anyone who looks carefully enough at my profile to know that this blog exists. An experiment, if you like. If it works, then I’ll have the pleasure of knowing I’m vaguely interesting at least and might start this as a proper blog – we’ll see.

Please comment – the web stats could just be me!

More info about me

This blog is largely intended just as a way of putting more text on my SL profile, because I am never sufficiently succinct and need more space. But I might put posts here occasionally if I find the time.

Thanks for looking at my lovely new blog!